McGuire course November 2014 Eindhoven

For me McGuire started in my hometown Eindhoven. So it was very special to do my first course as an instructor (intern) in Eindhoven. I hope that in a few years’ time the new students (NS) on this course will also remember Eindhoven as ‘a magical place’… We had 20 NS ranging form completely overt – or: completely NON covert ;-) – to completely covert. This wide spectrum made it a challenging course for me and my ‘mentors’ Dennis Tieke (CI) and Frank Loomans (RD). Gladfully, we had around 75 grads/coaches backing us in the lines. Aaand they did their jobs properly! Congratulations to all new students! They are powerful new members to our McGuire community. Furthermore, I would like to thank Dave, Frank and everybody in the Benelux, but also from all over the world, for pushing out this wonderful programme. Fintan van Berkel