Monterrey, México - "Más allá de la Tartamudez"!

Intensive Course - Monterrey, México - 24.06.2015

All started Wednesday, June 27 at 7:00 pm. There was a rather tense atmosphere before kick off....

We welcomed everyone and valued the effort and courage to start the path “Beyond Stuttering”!. All of them very brave!

4 new students, 3 men and a woman, 2 overt - 2 covert (she included).

We had great support from 3 graduates including Sebastián Rivadeneyra who travelled all the way from Peru to take another intensive course after a few years form his last McGuire course

During Thursday we kept very strict and disciplined.  By the end of the day the new students were doing amazing! (Thank you graduates!)

On Friday morning we started at 7 am on the dot; some early positive workout towards freedom!

Rodrigo Pérez (February grad) gave the example of how to ask for a microphone on the street and deliver a very assertive public speach! Excellent examples of courage, fun, discipline and confidence displayed by all grads during the course.

We returned to the room to continue working. We had Skype connection call with the Ireland course (Thanks Joe O'Donnell and Emmet O'Connell). It is wonderful to be able to have a connection in real time with other intensive courses; sharing a common goal and beating the same opponent!

Let’s continue connecting this international community to share the success and raise motivation and encouragement!

We finished 10:30 pm. Sharing great comments; seems as something magical and amazing how couples end up being in the right place at the right time.

Sebastian told me that it was one of the most emotional courses he had attended, simply incredible!

It is only the beginning of a great positive step in the life of all of the NS. I believe that it has been a very successful course! Congratulations to all the NS for attending the first post-course support group in Skype (Thursday July 02th).

I wish you the very best of success!

Thanks again to the graduates who attended, everyone was formidable! The results are yours!

Thank you Dave McGuire for this wonderful organization, Programme, structure, etc. The happiness and freedom of thousands of people is now responsibility of each other, and not dependent on luck or humor, or others. Now we have everything to achieve our dreams! As a new graduate said;

"I am glad to say that this will be the last time I try something new/different against my stutter!"

Congratulations to the other 3 Intensive Courses that were held on the same date!

USA, Ireland, South Africa... 4 courses, 3 continents, 1 path towards Articulate Elocuence.


Alfredo Gonzalez

DR Latin America