20 years (1996-2016) of fighting the war against stammering / stuttering.

In 1996 the McGuire Programme came to Ireland and our first course was held in the Cois Farraige (Seaside) Hotel in Bray, Co. Wicklow. There were 11 students on the course, each fighting their war against their stammer / stutter.

Barry Hayes, a student on the first course in Ireland in 1996

Over the 20 years, there has been 77 courses in Ireland held in Bray, Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Limerick, Waterford and Galway.

We’ve had 32 instructors over the 20 years, each one having their own style of instructing and brought something different to the course but the end goal remained the same – helping people fight the war against their stammer / stutter.

This month, June 2016, we held a course in Galway where 18 new people joined the programme and are now on their journey to achieving articulate eloquence.We had the honour of having Sharon Gavillet instruct this course and to celebrate this momentous occasion of our 20th year, Sharon Gavillet gave an excellent presentation on the programme looking back over the past 20 years.

We also had the pleasure of having Barry Hayes, a student from our very first course in Bray, attend this course and Barry talked about the very first course and his battle to deal with his stammer / stutter.

Video messages were sent from 3 members from the U.K.

Graeme Duffin (guitarist with the Scottish band Wet Wet Wet).

Kelly Brown (Scottish rugby union player).

Gareth Gates (musician, singer and stage actor).

We also received a video message from the founder member of the McGuire Programme, Dave McGuire from the United States of America.

Dave talked about the ‘war mentality’ that’s needed, especially in the early stages, to overcome stuttering / stammering.

And that time, effort, hard work, courage and perseverance are required to win the war.

Thanks to everyone who has made the past 20 years so special.

Looking forward to the next 20!