30,000 Steps to Success - Helping Other Stammerers

Lisa Khorev - New Coach Helping Stutterers on McGuire Programme in Ireland

Lisa Khorev - New Coach For Those Who Stutter - The McGuire Programme Ireland

Instructing a McGuire Programme course is no mean feat: months of preparation, disciplined technique throughout, dealing with people of all ages and from all walks of life, liaising with the Regional Director and other team members to ensure a successful outcome for all who attend, not to mention walking up and down the conference room for 3 long days to monitor the progress of the new and existing members on their journey beyond stuttering.

The very capable and super fit Rory West equipped with a Pedometer did all of this on the Dublin course in February 2014. By the end of the course Rory has walked a total of 15 kilometres around the conference room, an impressive 30,000 steps. Impressive stuff!

Our successful programme is down to a number of key factors, one of which is our unlimited and unrivalled follow up support. Our team of disciplined and dedicated Primary Coaches support, encourage and advise other members on what it takes to succeed and control their stutter.

Joining our team of Primary Coaches are: Abid Ashraf, Elliot Cantwell, Juliusz Kaczmarek, Lisa Khorev and Kevin Lynch. I’m sure their own personal successes will truly inspire others to work hard, be courageous and persevere in achieving articulate, eloquent speech.

The Irish Region is sad to lose Abid Ashraf from the region, as he will soon be moving to Saudi Arabia to live. But our new Middle East Region that will be starting up later this year will greatly benefit from Abid’s wealth of experience and knowledge in helping others to overcome their stutter.

Success comes in many forms and during the Dublin course, Antoinette Johnson gave a disciplined and encouraging speech to the group after being wished a ‘Happy Birthday’. Being able to address a large group with total control and confidence, without prior notice, is a great measure of success. Controlling emotions, thinking on your feet, engaging with the audience are skills Antoinette and many other members have developed and shown on numerous occasions over the years, not only on McGuire Programme courses, but also in non-McGuire situations.

The 11 students who attended the February 2014 course are now reaping the rewards from all their hard work, courage and perseverance that they showed on the course, and no doubt they will continue on with these over the coming months.

Joe O Donnell
Regional Director