Biting the bullet in Newry

As part of our extensive follow up support to overcome stammering/stuttering, regular refresher days are held throughout the year for our members.

McGuire Programme members at the Newry Refresher Day

About 4-6 weeks after every intensive course, we hold refresher days to re-enforce the discipline, hard work, courage and perseverance that are needed to overcome stammering/stuttering.

Our recent refresher day was held in Newry, Co. Down on Saturday 14th March 2015.

We had 32 members in attendance: some of these had just completed their first McGuire Programme course in February 2015 and the remainder have been on the programme for months/years. As part of these refresher days our members go into shops and out on the streets to overcome any fear they have of these situations and to overkill their feared words/sounds.

Later that afternoon I received a text message from a shopkeeper in Newry who met a few of our members earlier that day….

Hi Joe,
I am the assistant manager of ********* hardware shop in Newry and a few hours ago 3 of your members came into my shop and introduced themselves. They told me they each had a stammer and were working on their speech to control their stammer. One of them was a teenage boy and he spoke with great control and he showed unbelievable confidence for his age. They said they would be back in Newry again in another few months and would come in again. Congratulations on the great work your programme is doing. I can only imagine how difficult it is having a speech difficulty.