Great turnout for Refresher Day in Newry

As part of our extensive follow up support to overcome stammering/stuttering, regular refresher days are held throughout the year for our members.

McGuire Programme members at the Newry Refresher Day

We held our recent refresher day in Newry, Co. Down last Saturday, 9th August.
24 members attended: some of these had just completed their first McGuire Programme course in June 2014, some have been on the programme for longer and we also had a good number of experienced Primary Coaches attend.
These refresher days consist of re-enforcing the discipline, hard work, courage and perseverance needed to overcome stammering/stuttering.

During the refresher day members hit the streets and shops to interact with the general public.
This morning I received an email from a lady who was working in a Pharmacy in Newry on Saturday....

Dear Joe,
My name is Jennifer and I just want to congratulate your program on the great work your program is doing. I work in a Pharmacy in the Buttercrane shopping centre in Newry and I was just back from my lunch break on Saturday when 2 of your people approached me.

One of them explained that he had been on your program for only a month and was going into as many shops as he could to practice his speech because he had a stammer and he wanted to get over it. I can’t remember his name but he spoke so well and he explained that going into shops was something he never did before this.

I was so impressed with the courage he showed, as I’m sure this was not easy for him to do this. The other person with him talked about your program and gave me one of your business cards in case I knew of anyone who has a stammer. I’m so glad he gave me your card as a friend of mine also has a stammer and I hope to speak to her about your program.

I’m not sure how to approach this with her so it would be grateful for any advice on this. My number is ***********. Please let me know when you would be free to talk.