Sun, sea and stuttering in beautiful Galway

Following on from the amazing response from the ‘school for stammerers’ documentary in January 2018, the 2nd course in Ireland took place from 27th-30th June with an incredible turnout of new students.

Course Instructors Brian Dempsey & David McNally getting ready for the public speaking on Shop Street in Galway on the June 2018 course

Course Instructors Brian Dempsey & David McNally getting ready for the public speaking on Shop Street in Galway on the June 2018 course

Twenty two courageous people from all areas of the country took the big step to finally gain control of their stutter in Galway. Eleven of these were under the age of 18. The course was held in the Salthill Hotel, a stunning location with incredible views of Galway bay and the Aran Islands.  The course instructor was the fabulous David McNally, instructing his 3rd course. David, in his calm and chilled demeanor was the perfect host to bring confidence and empowerment to the new students. His relaxed yet disciplined approach put everyone at ease and there was an extraordinary calm feel to the room.

Salthill was the perfect location in June, ice-cream, beach and did we mention sun sun sun! All our Irish skin was at risk of severe sunburn. The people were amazing, the view was amazing. Never before has there been a course in Ireland so hot and warm. This warmth never ceased in the room in fact it infected us all creating happiness and a steady determination to succeed. In temperatures around 32 degrees Celsius we ran out to enjoy the sunshine at our breaks while the warm breeze filled our lungs with each costal breath.

During the 3 days we were joined by around sixty graduates, refreshers, coaches and course instructors who worked tirelessly with the new students and on their own speech in order to support and grow together. This is the beauty of the McGuire Programme.

As eleven of the new students were under 18 there proved to be fabulous energy in the room as well as the experience of welcoming so many parents and guardians. The support and warmth felt by them to us and us to them was incredible. They now have the information to support and encourage their loved ones.

All twenty two new students come Saturday night left with the determination and willpower to keep putting in the time and effort into their speech. No longer living with the shame, guilt, self-hate and fear of their stutter. They all now have the option of control along with the lifetime support offered with the programme.

With the course ending on Saturday night some people even found a great way to finish it off… diving into the sea. What a fantastic course it was and many more to come.


By Kara McMahon

Course Instructor Intern on the June 2018 course