A team effort in Titanic City

We held our final course for 2014 in Belfast, city of the Titanic, where 13 students embarked on their journey towards articulate eloquent speech.

Sharon Gavillet & Brian Dempsey with their Staff Training Certificates, presented to them on the October 2014 course in Belfast.

Almost half of the students were under 18 years of age and as their parents accompanied them on the course, we decided to have their parents really involved throughout this course. This meant they could see first hand how the McGuire Programme operates and how their child was getting on throughout the 3 days.

On the Friday afternoon, the parents were paired off with their child and a coach to observe the coach making 100+ contacts on the streets of Belfast.

During the practice phone call session on the Friday evening, parents sat in the same group as their child and observed them making phone calls. This worked out very well as it helped each child to get used to making phone calls in front of their parents.

Later on Friday evening, we had a ‘reading aloud’ session and each parent sat opposite their child to hear how they used the techniques and to maintain eye contact with them.
And on the Saturday morning, the parents were involved in the Harrison workshops.

At different stages throughout the course, parents were briefed on how their child was progressing and also to keep them informed on different aspects of the course.

We received very positive feedback from all the parents and they greatly appreciated being so involved in the course and felt they had a good understanding of what they needed to do to help their child after the course.

As in all McGuire courses worldwide, this was truly a team effort: family, students, graduates, coaches, instructors and staff trainers working together to ensure a successful outcome for all concerned.

To recognise the team effort, special awards were presented to coaches who were part of the very successful 2012 coaching teams. Certificates were presented to a few of the successful candidates who have now joined our instruction and training teams.

Many thanks to Clairemarie McGrath whose instruction was simple, energetic and disciplined.