A truly international team in Dublin’s fair city

Our first 2015 course in Ireland was held in the Ashling Hotel in Dublin where 8 students and around 70+ returning members attended. 7 of the students were from Ireland and 1 from New York. They all had one thing in common…. to overcome their stutter.

Catherine Sheridan after receiving her Primary Coach Certificate

Catherine Sheridan after receiving her Primary Coach Certificate

They were taught many physical and psychological weapons to help them deal with freezing, struggle, distortion, fear, shame, guilt, panic and a sense of isolation. And these weapons were drilled both inside the course and on the busy streets of our fair city.

By the final day of the course, (through hard work, courage and perseverance), all the students were well on their way to becoming articulate eloquent speakers.

But all this could not have been achieved without the help and encouragement of the 70+ returning members who gave up 3-4 days of their lives to help others overcome their stutter.
Most of the returning members were from Ireland but a good number of these travelled from Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This international team made a big difference on the course and it was great for everyone to share ideas and get different insights into others cultures.

To recognise the McGuire Programme team effort, certificated were presented to three members who passed their staff training in Galway a few months ago.

These certificates were presented to Constantin Manole, Catherine Sheridan and Sandra McGroary for achieving Primary Coaching role. We are all delighted for these three members and we look forward to working with them in their new role.

Finally, many thanks to Michael Rohan who instructed this Dublin course.