Wrapping up 2015 - Refresher Day in Newry

Last Saturday, 21st November, 34 of our members attended a Refresher Day in Newry, Northern Ireland to further improve their speech, and go beyond stuttering.

McGuire Programme members attending the recent Refresher Day in Newry

11 of these were Primary Coaches, 13 were experienced members and 10 were recent members who attended their first McGuire Programme course in Belfast only 4 weeks ago.

Throughout the morning we practiced and drilled the McGuire technique to overcome the physical and psychological aspects to stuttering.
After this good, disciplined warm up we hit the streets of Newry to talk to strangers and shop assistants in order to expand our comfort zone and to overkill any remaining fear.

We returned to the conference venue for more practicing of the McGuire technique before returning back home to our families. Highly motivated people doing something worthwhile to improve their lives.

It was a great disciplined ending to a wonderful 2015.

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