Barrie Cox
Barrie Cox
Donegal, Ireland

First Course:
Galway, August 2007

Since joining the programme, I do not avoid situations, I do not avoid phone calls and I do not substitute words.

I have been challenged by a stammer from the age of 11/12. It was not until I went to third level college that my stammer really started to bother me. In college I felt that I was holding back in certain instances, not asking questions or participating in certain events as I did not want to stammer in front of people. I honestly thought I would grow out of my stammer at some point, but I didn’t. When I started working I felt that my stammer was really starting to hold me back from reaching my full potential professionally. One vivid example is when I started a new job in 2006 – at the staff induction I was asked to say my name – I couldn’t get my name out – I was so embarrassed. It was at this point that I knew I had to do something about my speech. In august 2007 I attended my first McGuire Programme Course in Galway. Before joining the McGuire Programme I would have avoided certain situations, not answered certain telephone calls and substituted words all because I didn’t want to stammer in front of people and/or be perceived as a person who stammers. The McGuire Programme has made a tremendous difference to both my speech and my life. I would strongly recommend the McGuire Programme to people who are looking to overcome their stammer.