Breege McLaughlin
Breege McLaughlin
Donegal, Ireland

First Course:
Limerick, April 2008

My stammer had a huge effect on my life. It restricted me in most situations and filled me with fear.

The fear of people finding out, judging me or rejecting me was Immense. Although I became quite good at hiding it, I felt like I was walking on eggshells in lots of speaking situations. I was terrified I would stammer and my big secret would be revealed! I avoided lots of speaking situations, I spoke on the phone only if I had to and I could never say my full name. Since joining the McGuire Programme in 2008 my life has changed significantly. Not only can I say my name and talk on the phone, I’ve also done radio interviews and a reading at a wedding. These are things I would never in a million years have dreamt of doing!! I became a Primary Coach on the McGuire Programme in 2009. I enjoy working with students on the Programme and helping them in their recovery. The McGuire Programme has given me a better quality of life and has transformed me into a confident and happy person.