Brian Dempsey
Brian Dempsey
Dublin, Ireland

First Course:
Galway, November 2011

A massive weight has finally been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally do things that I was never able to do before.

I joined the McGuire Programme in November 2011 when I was 19. Before the Programme I was a very shy and quiet guy with no confidence in myself at all. I was never able to tell jokes, tell stories or even ask people questions because I was always afraid of what people thought of my stammer and how they were quick to judge me. I have gone through life relying on friends and family to order stuff, make my phone calls and finish off my words when I got stuck. I constantly went through life thinking everyday about my stammer and the fear of going into every situation, worrying if my speech would hold up? I never liked this lifestyle because I was always holding back and wasn’t being my true self. When I stared college it was a real turning point in my life. I went through my first year holding back sitting down the back of the class and not putting my hand up to answer the question even though I knew the answers. When I started being treated differently for having a stammer I said enough is enough and I had to do something about this. Since coming off my first course in November 2011, I have never looked back at the quiet and shy the guy with no confidence I was before. The course has given me a massive confidence boast and really changed my life for the better. Not only does the McGuire Programme teach you a technique to control your stammer, but it has also thought me valuable life skills that have made me an all round better person and there is now nothing that holds me back. I never realised how much of a different person I was before joining the Programme compared to who I am now. I have finally been able to become the person i want to be! With keeping a very active role within the Programme by being a coach and hopefully one day soon becoming a course instructor, it has helped me in my everyday life becoming a strong speaker.