Conor Judge
Conor Judge
Galway, Ireland

First Course:
Galway, August 2006

It has taken me a long time to write this testimonial. The problem is that the McGuire Programme has allowed me to reach my full potential in many areas of my life. The irony is that I now don't have time to write about it. Before I took the bold step to confront my stammer I would be hiding away and have lots of time for testimonials.

I have been on the McGuire Programme since 2006 and to repeat the overused expression, it has changed my life.

Do I still occasionally block on words? Yes. Does it have the same emotional impact on me? No. Stammering no longer controls my life.

Previously many day to day and even life decisions were made based on how I could hide my stammer from the world. I would avoid people and situations that risked exposing me as a person who stammers. The McGuire Programme has freed me from this oppressive control.

What makes the McGuire programme so good? Well the act of going on any speech programme with result in an improvement. Taking the step to do something about it, "admitting you have a problem", talking about it.

The difference with the McGuire Programme is that it doesn't stop there. There is a constant drive to keep improving. All the support groups, telephone support and courses cement this.

Many thanks to all who have helped me over the years. If you have a stammer, take the chance and do something about it. It worked for me!