Michael Rohan
Michael Rohan
Tipperary, Ireland

First Course:
Cork, June 1998

After stammering for all but the first five years of my life, I did my first McGuire programme course in June 1998.

Filled with a sense of hope after that course my journey to recovery had begun. For the first few years my recovery depended very much on courses, support groups & coaches who had been where I was starting from. Without the support system there is no doubt in my mind I would have fallen by the wayside. The next phase of my recovery involved me becoming my own primary coach, challenging the learnt behaviour that stopped me pushing out my comfort zones & when I did, learning from the mistakes I made & generally changing my attitude about primarily my speech but also every other aspect of my life. To put it in a nut shell “breaking down the complete support system that protected my stammer”. I have achieved a great many things since that first course in 1998 including becoming a primary coach, course instructor & staff trainer in that order & all these things have instilled a confidence within me. If I was to give advice to anybody starting off on the road to recovery it would be to work hard with the fantastic team that are at your disposal, see it as a process, remember you did not wake up one morning with a stammer, so it makes sense that recovery will take a while & finally enjoy it. To finish up I think Dave McGuire has given us a wonderful gift, but with this gift comes a responsibility & that is to give the programme & yourself the best shot you possibly can. It’s a win win situation.