1st batch of Indian McGuire graduates grab the stammering bull by its horns!

The internationally acclaimed McGuire Speech programme was finally launched in the bustling South Indian city of Bengaluru on May 28th 2014.

India inaugural course attendees had a blast!

India inaugural course attendees saw a dramatic transformation during the 3 1/2 days!

The internationally acclaimed McGuire Speech programme was finally launched in the bustling South Indian city of Bengaluru on May 28th 2014.

Upon arrival, the new students (NS) who showed up for the course from all over India, showed a good dose of apprehension and fear not knowing what to expect from the 3 ½ day course. This was a group of courageous young lads from all over India that took a leap of faith when they registered for the course in the remote hope of getting better control of their speech.

Some of them were covert (can hide their stammer) and some overt (can’t hide their stammer) but fundamentally, each of them had an underlying issue with the way they spoke that deeply interfered with their personal and professional lives. Many of them had gone through one or more traditional speech therapy courses in the past.

The first day (wed evening) offered the NS an opportunity to openly show their stammer in this non-threatening environment, get a sneak peek at how the rest of the week was going to unravel and understand expectations around commitment, hard work and courage. The next 2 days was packed with the NS learning about the various tools & weapons to tackle their good old stammer.

At McGuire, we strongly believe the fastest and most effective way of imparting knowledge is through experiential learning and boy did the NS get a strong dose of that!

The open-mindedness of the NS and high level of courage they exhibited, allowed them to quickly embrace the unique techniques and “sports mentality” that the McGuire programme’s philosophy is founded upon. The course instructor (who by the way, traveled all the way from a quaint little town in UK) and the Regional director could clearly see that all the hard work the NS were putting in to understand and diligently implement the principles was slowly “laying the foundation” for the final day of the course, the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

Saturday was really a momentous day. On this final day on the course, through numerous real world interactions, the NS shattered their old negative self-image of being a fearful, shameful, hopeless stammerer and replaced it with an image that was courageous, inspiring, empowering, almost leader-like. It was evident during the NS farewell speeches that these 3 ½ days helped get their “speaking mojo” back and stammering was the last thing on their tongue and mind!

In summary, every single one of the NS on the course was rejuvenated after a spectacular 3 1/2 days and came out of the experience with a new zeal for life and completely ready to take life by its horns and more importantly, now having the right toolkit to chip away at their old stammering mindset!

The India launch couldn't have been successful if not for Dave, the RDs across the globe, an effective CI (Paul), committed coaches and grads, and last but not the least, the terrific NS! Thank YOU to everyone involved in bringing smiles to so many faces in India!

*PLEASE READ*: If you are someone who is considering a future McGuire course in India, we need your input - we are pre-planning for our next course in India. If you are a person who stammers (or know someone who does,) please take the *5 min survey* below to indicate interest. Seats are limited.


Kaushik, RD India