Empowering people in India who stammer

Matthew Richardson has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people who stammer. In early June, he spent time instructing and coaching people for the first time in India.

India stammer empower

Matthew knows our problem very deeply. It might have been his first time to India, but to me, it felt like home with him. He was highly knowledgeable, supportive and cooperative at all times and helped in my transformation. I personally salute his encouragement, dedication and honesty. - MGP grad 

Matthew Richardson loves to show people who stammer the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. He has a very unique and amazing gift of showing this light - bright and clear. Growing up in the UK, his stammer was so severe that he couldn't say many things especially his name! After a lot of courage, hard work, perseverance and numerous break throughs spread over a number of years, he is now one of the most sought after instructors on the McGuire Programme.   

When he recently flew to India to teach an intensive speech course to fellow stammerers this Summer, Matthew never imagined that by the end of the four days he’d be chatting to his students about Middlesbrough Football Club! As a teenager, it would take him ten minutes just to say his name and he feared he would never find a job or travel to all the places he’d escaped to in his mind.

But since enrolling on the McGuire Programme Matthew has helped transform the futures of hundreds of people and has instructed courses South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and now Bangalore in India.

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