McGuire grads start to demolish their stammer on the streets of Mumbai, India!

A bunch of PWS from all over converge to Mumbai to give their speech a new life!

Getting a handle on their stammer in India

A grad and a new student show their zeal for life...with the stammer last thing on their mind

After giving a new leash and life to a group of people who stammer (PWS) in New Delhi just the prior week, the MGP launched an intensive speech course in the bustling suburb of Khar, in West Mumbai, to empower a group of PWS that were highly motivated to gain control of their debilitating stammer.  

Students came from as far as Singapore and refreshers traveled from as far as USA. Whist the new students did not know what to expect from the course on kick-off day, it was easy to spot the enthusiasm on the grads’ faces as they eagerly looked forward to the next 3.5 days. Most of the new folk that came on the course heard about MGP only recently, but there were a few that had been eagerly waiting for the McGuire Programme to come to India for a number of years and their dream of attending one in Mumbai finally came true just before the Christmas holidays!

During the entire period of the course, the new students exhibited a good dose of commitment and courage and worked hard to follow directions to grasp the tools and techniques being imparted on the course by the two instructors – one from USA and the other from New Zealand - and after a grueling 3 ½ days, the new students saw light at the end of the day when they successfully gave strong public performances in front of over thirty five people right in front of Joggers Park off of Carters Road.

The courage that these young lads exhibited was palpable and touched many hearts of people in the audience as evidenced by the tears in many of the listeners’ eyes. Each one of the McGuire grads received enormous cheer and applause from the audience. One of the bystanders on the street that watched the public performance commented thus:

What we witnessed here today is simply amazing, it is so inspiring hearing them speak after learning they couldn’t even say their name for soooooo many years! 

The entire experience was purely magical. It was a true pleasure and inspiration to see many recent grads from the Bengaluru course return as refreshers with another returning from a previous UK course. Without these guys the course wouldn’t have been as successful. There was an amazing sense of belonging in the group with the refreshers stepping up and acting as responsible wingmen and coach for their NS brethren. One of the refreshers when asked about his motivation for coming all the way from the US to help new students said- 

Feels great to give back to The programme that has given me so much!

The McGuire committee continues to be blown away by the focus and dedication of PWS in India. Their passion to succeed is amazing and they don’t want to be bogged down by their debilitating speech as they try to scale new heights professionally and personally. For instance, one of the new grads aspires to become the Indian version of Tony Robbins (a US motivational coach for those of you that have not heard of him), another wants to be a politician, another a famous singer, yet another a design engineer in a Fortune 100 company and the list goes on. These are positions that they would probably never have even dreamt of before attending The McGuire programme. And that is amazing about the programme. MGP is not just getting control of your speech, it is about realizing true human potential. It was a real privilege motivating and empowering yet another group of PWS from the Indian subcontinent.

A special thanks goes to all coaches and RDs for their involvement and support in making the India region successful. Dave and Maria gave some great advice prior to the course, so a big thanks to them. Thanks to Rob for coming down all the way from NZ just before the big holiday to help instruct the course! A big appreciation to our amazing friends in Mumbai for patiently hearing us out as we use our tools and techniques! Finally, I’d like to send a special thanks to my beautiful wife, Vijaya, and in-laws for holding-the fort with my newborn and toddler daughters while I was away for two weeks in India.

Happy holidays everyone!

For those of you interested in learning about the MGP and attending a session in 2015, please register your interest here.


Kaushik, India RD