McGuire graduates take New Delhi by storm!

Indian graduates empowered and recharged after a grueling 3 1/2 days!

Indian graduates show their relief and excitement after taking control of their stammer!

On a chilly evening in December, a group of anxious new students and eager grads converged on a chic hotel in the vibrant suburb of Saket, New Delhi for the 2nd Indian McGuire Programme course.  Planning for this course began months in advance and the calendar shaped up for an exciting Intensive Course with an informative and thought provoking Open Day in the same week.

New students came from as far as Sri Lanka and Dubai with refreshers traveling from as far as Pune and Chennai. Whist the new students did not know what to expect from the course on Wednesday, it was easy to spot the zeal on the grads’ faces as they eagerly looked forward to what was about to unravel in the next 3.5 days. It was a true pleasure and inspiration to see many recent grads from the Bengaluru course return as refreshers with another returning from a previous Dutch course.  Without these guys the course wouldn’t have been as successful.

It was amazing to watch how quickly the new lads, a good mix of covert and overt PWS of all ages and backgrounds, blossomed. Each one of them stayed true to their promise, worked hard to practice the weapons & techniques and drilled it with coaches on the inside lines until they got it right. It was perfect timing that Dave’s new book “Beyond Stuttering” was released just a few weeks prior to the course commencing. The new students found the material easy to read and reflect on, especially during their night time reading sessions.

The new students rigourously focused on and used all the physical and psychological tools that are taught on the course. The result of their hard work was imminent. A Norwegian coach eloquently commented on his experience with the New Delhi students during the phone session, 

“Just had the amazing opportunity to talk to the new students from McGuire India Programme. I have never seen such hardworking and motivated students before. I am proud of being a part of this fantastic programme!” 

It was very rewarding to hear this and in my opinion, this is what forms the essence of the McGuire Programme. It’s all about empowering oneself and others to take control of their speech and achieve a better quality of life. There is no programme in the world that brings PWS together the way the MGP does! 

This course would not have been possible if not for the commitment and discipline that the refreshers displayed. There was an amazing sense of belonging in the group with the refreshers stepping up and acting as responsible wingmen and coach for their NS brethren. Paul did a real terrific job with the course instruction on his 2nd India course, it was a privilege to see him motivate and empower yet another group of PWS from the Indian subcontinent.

A special thanks goes to all coaches and RDs for their involvement and support in making the India region successful. Dave and Maria gave me terrific suggestions until the day leading up to the course, so a big thanks to them. Last but not the least, I’d like to send a note of appreciation to my wife, Vijaya, and in-laws for holding-the fort with my newborn and toddler while I was away for the few weeks running the India courses in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Happy holidays everyone!

For those of you interested in learning about the MGP and attending a session in 2015, please register your interest here.


Kaushik, India RD