McGuire India Programme toasts its first anniversary in toasty New Delhi!

Over a 4-day period, a large group of people who stammer (PWS) get better at the Sport of Speaking in the Capital of India

The 4th McGuire course conducted in the last week of May 2015 in New Delhi was wildly successful. The course marked a lot of firsts:

  • First time we expanded it to a full 4-day course
  • First time we offered Staff training
  • First time we organized a mini-session in Hindi
  • First time we invited Toastmasters in-house
  • First time we performed Mock interviews
  • First time we had 3 medical doctors on the course
  • First time we handed out McGuire gear
  • First time we had a Fulbright scholar on the course
  • but most importantly, the week marked our...


Despite the record shattering temperatures in the last week of May (over 46C), a group of anxious yet hopeful People who Stammer (PWS) and committed graduates descended into the industrial city of Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi.

They came in from cities near and far. New students came from as far as Bangladesh and China with refreshers traveling from as far as Pune and Bengaluru. The new students had a “deer caught in headlights” look when they arrived on Day 1 but it was easy to spot the excitement on the grads’ faces as they eagerly looked forward to what was about to unravel in the next four days. Just a year ago, we hardly had any grads, but now, it was truly rewarding to see so many grads return as refreshers to come and support the new students. Without them, the course wouldn’t have been as successful.

After the kick-off event on Wed, where Dave welcomed the group (over skype), things moved pretty quickly. It was a packed agenda with programming for new students, grads and staff training candidates. It was amazing to watch how quickly the group of new students, a good mix of covert and overt PWS of all ages and backgrounds, absorbed the new concepts, to get a better control of their speech. Each one of them stayed true to their promise, worked hard to practice the weapons & techniques and drilled it with coaches on the inside lines until they got it right. The result of their hard work was imminent. 

One of the recent graduates commented: 

I severly stammered for over 17 years and couldn’t say even my name. Now after a mere 4 days on the Programme,  I can proudly say it!

Another recent graduate said:

I see a remarkable transformation in my attitude and my perceptions about stuttering. The last 4 days on the McGuire Programme have given me a new hope of experiencing a better quality of life and renewed my confidence in myself that had been marred by 14 years of severe stuttering…

A returning graduate from the 2012 course commented,

The McGuire Programme has helped me to do things which I always dreamed of…like public speaking, and coaching!

It was very rewarding to hear this and in my opinion, this is what the McGuire Programme is all about. McGuire is the #1 Programme in the world that empowers PWS to take control of their speech and help them achieve a better quality of life. There is no other programme out there that brings PWS together the way the MGP does!

For those of you interested in learning about the MGP and attending a session in Winter 2015, please register your interest here:

Let’s all get good at the Sport of Speaking!

Until next time.


Kaushik, India RD