McGuire Programme Comes To India

We are very excited to be offering our first FREE information session in India on Dec 22nd i Hyderabad!

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We have had many people from India request that we bring the programme to India and we hope this is the start of a very exciting venture in helping many people with a stuttering problem in India.

This initiative is being led by McGuire Programme veteran Kaushik Valluri who explains here the background;

Do you Stammer or know of anyone who does? I am a person who used to ssssstammer terribly and saying my name was probably the single most difficult thing for over 20 years of my life.

Growing up with a stammer, I felt so intensely embarrassed and ashamed of my speech that I avoided speaking altogether in almost all situations. I got really good at acting introverted. Coming with creative excuses that prevented me from speaking out loud was my forte: I used to fake a sore throat to avoid reading in the Language class. I used to ask my mom to speak for me on the phone as speaking over the phone was a gruesome experience.

I used to write my destination bus stop (Gandhi Mandap) on a piece of paper and show it to the bus conductor as I could not say those words when buying a ticket to IIT campus in a crowded 47B bus. And the list goes on and on.

After 15 years of going through a number of different speech therapy programs in India and abroad, I am thrilled to say that the one and only program that truly worked for me was the McGuire Programme, an internationally acclaimed program that focuses on a holistic method to overcome stammering. After being on the programme for just 3 ½ days in March 2008, I knew my stammering related anxiety had started to dissolve. Like Tennis, to be good at the sport of speaking, I needed to rigorously practice the techniques learnt on the court er, course, to defeat my stammer. By pushing my comfort zones since my first course in DC, and driving myself to defeat my stammer (and get better at the art of speaking,) I have seen a remarkable transformation in both my career and personal life.

The unique thing about the programme is that it is run by people who have already conquered their stammer and the goal is not just to overcoming ones’ stutter but to transform people into articulate, and effective communicators.

It sure is an intense program and needs hard work, courage and perseverance to defeat the stammer,

It sure is an intense program and needs hard work, courage and perseverance to defeat the stammer, but you will see a positive change in your stammering mindset.

If you are a stammerer or know someone who stammers, we are offering a Free Informational Session for people who stammer (PWS).

Come join us to learn more about the programme's unique approach, intensive courses and follow up support network. There is no charge for this event.

Date: Sun, Dec 22nd

Time: 2PM sharp - 4PM

Where: Hampshire Plaza, 6–1–79 & 80, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad


Cost: FREE

Also, click to register your interest in the free Information Session and send an email to

Mobile: 0-9543-666-001