MGP India celebrates its third anniversary in Bengaluru, trampling many stutters along the way!

New students and grads converge from all over India to pound on their stutters

Speech improvement, Stuttering

“I recommend the McGuire Programme because it has helped me in realizing my full potential and that life is indeed Beyond stuttering!” – MGP India graduate, Bengaluru June 2017

McGuire India Programme conducted its eight course from June 7th-11th 2017 in India’s tech capital, Bengaluru. It was great to see approximately 30 new students and grads converge from all over India and a handful visiting from the Middle East. There were engineers, doctors, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and students that attended the course.

Here are stories from some of the students that attended the course:

Vishnu, an ever-smiling overt stammerer and recent college graduate came on the course from the South Indian town of Coimbatore to gain courage to face job interviews back home. After the course, he said he was so excited to see such an positive change in his speech in just four days that he will crack his interviews. Good luck with the placements Vishnu!

Sunny, an accomplished business professional from Gurgaon attended the course because his stammer was rearing its ugly head in many speaking situations. His prior speech therapies interfered with his learning progress initially, but as the course advanced, with hard work and dedication, he made headway. If there is one word that describes Sunny, it is fearless. Although he harboured a lot of fear of stammering, he was fearless in trying new things and pushing his comfort zones on the course. Now he has a tool kit that will allow him to control his speech in any speaking situation. This is only the beginning of a long journey Sunny, keep up the tempo and continue to be assertive and fearlessly attack your challenging situations.

Ragu, a young college going student also from Coimbatore, had eerily silent telephone conversations prior to coming on the course. All he could muster was Hello and Bye with some incomprehensible filler words in between due to his debilitating stutter. He came on the course with a severely overt stammer in hopes of re-learning how to speak. He left the course with new speaking tools and a new zest for life. Keep moving forward Ragu, we have high aspirations for you!

Overall, it was an amazing course with dedicated staff, disciplined new students, committed graduates and superb coaches who are so supportive of laying a strong foundation in the region. What was common among everyone that attended the course was not that that they had a stutter. Rather, it was their commitment and willingness to do something about it. The amazing transformation that took place in a three day period in that conference room was quite amazing. The anxiety, fear, embarrassment, frustration and sense of isolation that was so palpable on the students faces on the day they arrived on the course, transformed to good eye contact, assertiveness, courage and big beautiful smiles by end of Saturday.

The proof is in the pudding. Here are some comments from the new graduates: 

The McGuire Programme helped me gain confidence to speak anytime, anywhere and fight the demon inside me.

The McGuire Programme gave me enough confidence that my fears can be conquered.

A returning graduate said:

The Bengaluru course helped me to get back on track and be more courageous in my daily life.

The McGuire Programme is the #1 speech improvement programme in the world that empowers PWS to take control of their speech and help them achieve a better quality of life. There is no other programme out there that brings PWS together the way the MGP does!

Our next course is from Dec 13-17th 2017. If you are reading this, please consider this as a personal invitation to come participate in the December course. We would love to have you there. Here is the link to register: New Students | Graduates.


Kaushik, India RD