People trample their fear of stuttering in India's capital few days before Christmas

Brave students and graduates put in a lot of hard work in New Delhi to get a control of their speech. There couldn’t have been a better Christmas present.

I recommend the McGuire Programme because it has restored my dignity, self-esteem and long-lost confidence! - MGP graduate

McGuire India Programme conducted its seventh course from Dec 14-18th 2016 in India’s capital city, New Delhi. People attended the course from all over India and from five other countries.

Here are stories from some of the folks that attended the course:

Dr. Biplab, a studious medical student came on the course all the way from Nepal to be ready for his job interviews post-graduation. After the course, he said he was least concerned about cracking his job interviews as he now has the freedom of speech. What a change in mindset, Bravo Doc!

Vandana, a New Delhi native and successful business professional came on the course with a covert stammer in hopes of saying feared sounds and becoming an effective communicator in front her clients. She left the course with a new zeal and with new speaking tools to become a strong communicator. Keep moving forward Vandana!

Ashen, a cheerful student from Sri Lanka attended the course because his stammer was rearing its ugly head in some speaking situations. He was so committed that he skipped his 21st birthday celebration with his twin. He returned to Colombo after the course with a new zeal, a new life in fact. Now he has a tool kit that will allow him to control his speech in any speaking situation. Your dedication and work ethic will take you a long way Ashen, keep it up!

Vishnu, a young Coimbatore native took a 32-hour train ride to New Delhi to defeat his stammer. He is an aspiring Indian army officer and was a perfect example of someone who showed that the tools and techniques he learnt on the course are language agnostic. He left the course strong and confident with his speech and now he is ready to tackle his feared situations back at home! We have high aspirations for you Vishnu!

What was common among everyone that came on the course was not that that they all had a stutter. Rather, it was their commitment and willingness to do something about it. The amazing transformation that took place in a 3 day period in that conference room was quite amazing. The anxiety, fear, embarrassment, frustration and sense of isolation that was so palpable on the students faces on the day they arrived on the course, transformed to good eye contact, assertiveness, courage and big beautiful smiles by end of Saturday.

Overall, it was an amazing course with highly talented instructors, disciplined new students, committed graduates and amazing coaches who are so supportive of laying a strong foundation in the region. A special thanks to the pillars Matthew Richardson and Paul Paluch for their dedication and love for the India region. Justine Clack set the record as the first coach to come from overseas to come support the region, her coaching and instructional grade delivery methods were awe-inspiring.

It is amazing to see the region go from strength to strength with new students and returning grads attending this course. The proof is in the pudding. 

Here are some comments from the new graduates: 

The McGuire Programme is a unique programme with unimaginable results towards making people overcome their stammering and related fears. It’s a must for any of us facing speech issues.

The McGuire Programme was an eye-opener, I am so glad I made the decision to become a part of it.

The Programme has changed the way I look at life with my stammer!

A returning graduate said:

I am so happy I made the time to attend the New Delhi refresher course as it recharged me and boosted my speaking skills to new levels!

The McGuire Programme is the #1 speech improvement programme in the world that empowers PWS to take control of their speech and help them achieve a better quality of life. There is no other programme out there that brings PWS together the way the MGP does!

If you stammer or know someone that does we are conducting the summer 2017 course from June 7-11th  2017 in Bengaluru. This link will give you more details:

Let’s all get good at the Sport of Speaking in 2017. Let the games begin!


Kaushik, India RD