Anoop Nair
Mumbai, India

First Course:
Mumbai, 2014

Hi, my name is Anoop Nair and I have been stammering for as long as I could remember. 

I didn’t care much about my stammer until recently. I was in comfort zone all my life, until last year, when I had to face people from other part of the world. 

In my school/college days I was excused from oral exams, reading tests, debates, presentations, group discussions and other activities where speech was involved and it didn't really matter to me then as I was thankful to all of those people who I thought was helping me to avoid showcasing my awful speech in public but little did I know that this habit of mine will cost me dearly later in my professional life. 

All my life I had good people around me and they didn’t bother that I stammered and I was very comfortable when speaking to them. I stammered very little with my friends, my family, and my colleagues. My stammer never really bothered me for large part of my life as I was always with some one or the other who made my life very easy. 

 As soon as I was out of my comfort zone my speech went bad to worse.

I struggled badly when I spoke with unknown people, when in a group, when I have to answer phone. I was petrified on phone and there were times I have traveled miles to get something to eat just because I couldn’t make a phone call to order food and get it delivered. 

I wanted to get rid of this bad habit badly. I started researching about ways to get rid of my stammering. I started reading books, surfing internet, watching videos on how to cure stuttering etc. 

One night I stumbled upon this you tube video and came to know about McGuire Program. I researched some more about it and came to know that this program is held all over the world and many people had a very good experience with it and the course did wonders to them. I was motivated by things I read and so decided to join the course. 

I have been to numerous speech therapy programs before but none like McGuire program. The best thing about McGuire program is that it gives us enough confidence to face the real world. It provides us with tools and techniques to face the real challenges that await us in our day to day life. It teaches us how to overcome our fear of speaking and how to control our speech. It shows us the road to eloquence rather than being fluent. 

As they say SPEAKING is a SPORT and to be a better player in any sport you need to be dedicated, stay motivated, practice hard, use the tools and techniques, & you surely will get the results you desire.

 I am pretty new at this sport but I can say that I am getting better and better by each passing day. I would definitely recommend this program to every person who stammers and excel in the Sport of speaking!

They provide us with an amazing support network which helps us to regain our confidence whenever we have a bad day. These are fantastic bunch of people whom I adore and respect. They are there to help us out whenever we need them.   There is always a 1st step to everything and to excel in this sport of speaking you need to first accept yourself as a person who is working on his speech and then have a positive & assertive attitude.