Dr. Amit Kumar

First Course:
New Delhi, May '15

I don't know exactly how I acquired stammering.

But I remember that initially in childhood I had only mild problem of speaking. Gradually, I started becoming introvert so my stuttering increased an in high school it was at peak. I did many speech therapy and took anti-anxiety medication but their effect was temporary. Practical in MBBS was night mare for me. Problem became so severe that I was unable to say present in during attendance call. Some how I did MBBS and just before MD did McGuire course. It was the first time I felt confident in my life!

It was the first time I felt confident in my life!

The Programme not only teaches you how to speak but it also teaches you how to deal with different psychological aspects of life. It really changes you and your personality. 

Finally I completed my practical of MD eloquently and reached other milestone- DM Cardiology. I am very thankful to McGuire program for all this achievement.