Rishabh Dev Singh
Mumbai, India

First Course:
Mumbai, Dec 2014

Stammering has been a part of my life as long as i can remember. Earliest memory is the first day of school when a teacher asks you to stand up an introduce yourself. 
You stand up.. not realizing something very different is going to happen, you know what your name is BUT.. why wont it come out??? 
You somehow force it out, a couple of kids laugh.. you feel embarrassed and it is becomes a part of your memory. A bad thought actually. 
And after that a small fear attaches itself to that memory, and every time you have to speak there is that fear which you have to deal with. 

 A stammerer's life is a nightmare that you all are very well aware of. 

Its not a disability so there is very little public awareness, and your life goes by trying to maintain your self respect and dignity.  Dreaming of the things that you would have done differently, Interviews that could have gone so cool..Chicks with whom you could have flirted.  There are so so many things you feel everyday that you could have done differently. 

McGuire will give you that opportunity, if you are willing to 
1st : Accept your stammering as a part of you. 
2nd: Willing to be disciplined and work on it. 
3rd : Stammering becomes an excuse for all that you are not in life, it gives you an escape and peoples sympathy. You have to let go of this and be willing to take control of your life. 

I am still working on my Speech, having lots of good days and very few bad days.Discipline is the key here.  I look up to my coaches and wish to surpass them soon.