Learn about Stammering and MGP

We are conducting a free informational session on Sunday, June 16th 2019 from 4-6PM in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Learn about the common myths, stigma associated with stammering, and listen to McGuire coaches talk about their journey with a stammer. Please come 5-10 min early to get proper seating. Submit the form below to RESERVE YOUR SEAT. 

Session Agenda

- Learn about some common myths of stammering, stigma attached to it

- Hear from some of the grads & coaches about their own life experience living with a stammer

- Get info on the McGuire Speech Programme

- Q&A

Date & Time 

16th June 2019 , Sunday, 4.00 pm -  6.00 pm


Hotel Ozo, 36-38 Clifford Pl, Colombo 00400, Sri Lanka


Email : kaushik@mcguireprogramme.com

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