How we measure success.

Each year we publish our Success Evaluation Audits on this website. This is how we measure success on The McGuire Programme:

Primary Coaches (PCs) are required to send a report to their Regional Director (RD) twice during the first year after their new student's first course. The coaches must rate their students according to our ABC scale. They are also required to be available and to keep in contact with their students for at least 18 months. These reports are compiled by the Regional Directors, sent to the programme founder who assigns Evaluation Auditors (REs) to contact all those successful students rated B+, and at least one sample A+ and/or A- per course to verify accuracy of the initial Primary Coach evaluation.

The following is the rating scale (B+ to A+ considered successful) as written for Primary Coaches when they report on their students:

Level A+:  Those who are making reasonable progress towards or have reached the programme's goal of articulate eloquence most of the time. They may occassionally be 'ambushed' by fear resulting in blocking and perhaps the odd trick and/or avoidance, but deal with it effectively and get back their confidence quickly. They have gone beyond the mechanical phase and have achieved a good balance between discipline and spontaneous. Actively pushing out comfort zones, and are speaking well in pressure situations in the real world.

Level A-:  Similar to A+,  but have yet to achieve a good balance between discipline and spontaneous. Tends to be overly mechanical or undisciplined spontaneous.

Level B+: Those who are experiencing too much fear resulting in blocking (freeze, struggle, distortion) and/or using tricks and avoiding (FSDTA), but they recognize the danger and are taking steps to counter it. When contacted, they are trying to use the techniques to overcome FSDTA. They could be having problems in their personal lives preventing them on focusing and putting in the necessary time and effort. Your impression is that, with more time and effort, they will improve.

Level B-: Same as B+, but mostly have made a conscious decision to deal with the fear using tricks and avoidance not recognizing the danger of such behavior. When contacted, they are not even attempting to use the basic techniques. It is unsure that they have or are willing to develop the qualities necessary to improve. Your belief is they will drop to C level.

Level C+: Those who have fallen to their previous level of stuttering, making no attempt to improve, and have stated they cannot or will not participate in the programme. If this is because of life circumstances, your impression is they will return at a later date to try again.

Level C-: Same as C+, but you’re reasonably sure they will never return to the programme.