Beyond the Veil . . .

I had the pleasure of instructing my 7th McGuire Intensive Course, this time in Dubai, 16.-19. September 2015. This was the 5th 3-Day Intensive Course for the McGuire Programme in the MENA Region. The course was an international mix that truly represents the McGuire International Programme.

"Dubai" by Dubai's Jan Michael
Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons​

It was a real honour to be asked to instruct in another region of the McGuire Programme and I would like to express my thanks to Abdullah and Rana, the Regional Directors of the MENA Region. Your welcome, hospitality and friendship will never be forgotten. A big thank you for selecting and trusting in me to instruct your course in Dubai and for letting me select a team of coaches to come over and help in making the course the success it was. These coaches came from Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands; Sharon Gavillet, Martina Ross, Trevor Tromans and Bart van den Berg respectively. A remarkable group of people, you gave your all and it showed in the progress of the New Students and the returning members.

We had a fantastic three intensive days working on our speech and getting to control our stutters. It was great witnessing the 14 New Students progression from day one to day three, through constant work, learning and drilling the techniques and developing new habits. The New Students worked really hard especially the 5 female new students and you could see the positivity light up their faces as they realised the methods been taught are working. The tension, the stress, the anxiety in the New Students faces and body language had all disappeared. All the old bad habits were gone. You could see happiness and positivity and a new found confidence in their eyes and smiles. A totally new experience with the sport of speaking.

The MENA Region of The McGuire Programme is a fast growing region will lots of really strong graduate members, full of potential. It’s worth noting that during the Dubai course we had lots of Arabic recaps and translated some of the sessions from English to Arabic which is another step towards translating the program to Arabic in order to help a wider range of people in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and North Africa. 

Accomplishing anything great in life requires significant change that pushes us beyond our comfort zones. And for many people who stutter, our comfort zones can vary greatly, some challenges are small and even saying something as simple as your name or ordering food in a restaurant, can be a major problem for many. Making small steps can lead to big results. This programme gives people who stutter the techniques, the methods and the confidence to go out and do the things they’ve alway wanted to do but couldn’t or wouldn’t because of their stutter.

To witness the transformation of people who join the programme for the first time, from out of control stutterers to disciplined, controlled confident people is truly amazing. The McGuire Programme really does change the lives of people who stutter.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” – Richard Whincup

If you are a person who stutters or if you know someone who stutters please get in touch with us, we are here to help. Get in touch with your local regional director via phone, email, text message! 

MENA Region: Contact Rana Baabed / Abdullah Bin Buayjan


“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” – Tony Robbins