Building a Strong Region / MENA

MENA region is growing at a fast pace with the completion of its 7th intensive course in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With 12 new students joining this course we had reached a proud 80 members walking together in a journey to control our stammer and become eloquent speakers.

At 06:00 pm on July 20th 2016, the course started with the presence of returning grads, UK coaches Ashly Guerin, Trevor Tromans, Clairemarie McGrath and Helen Vyner, Instructed by the well known Chris Cooksey.

The course went smoothly with enthusiastic grads input that included many split sessions and Arabic sessions. We would like to highlight the great contribution of our grads. They took the floor with great courage and handled sessions in both English and Arabic languages. They were coaching, supporting and motivating each other and the new students throughout the course. Grads were also supporting and reassuring new students’ family members during breaks. So nice, isn’t it?


We have introduced family and friends’ session to enlighten them on ways of approach and encouragement that would add a support angle in the journey of our new students. The families were impressed with the positive atmosphere of the course and have expressed their gratitude to the instructor, coaches and grads. We have received positive feedback from family members which made us feel very proud of what we are doing. Here is one qoute;

                     “I would like to express my appreciation to everyone for making this course a memorable and encouraging experience not only for the students but to the relatives as well. I have truly enjoyed the time I spent there and the conversations I had with everyone. Discussing our concerns, learning from your experience and exploring new opportunities for the new students. I really can't wait to meet you all again in the next course”  (New student’s sister)


The three days passed so fast with new students learning how to master the techniques and grads strengthening their skills. On the last day, we all enjoyed a bus ride to Dubai Festival City where our 12 courageous new students were able to face their fears and speak to 100 random people. They incredibly gave a public speech in front of hundreds of people on our very own McGuire Stage. 


During the course we filmed our first documentary capturing special moments. The documentary is in Arabic language with English subtitles includes information about the course, clips of sessions and grads testimonials. It will be released next week and will play a huge role in rising awareness about stuttering and The McGuire Programme.  


Life is a journey filled with encounters, experiences and lessons. It is our choice to make use of these lessons and strive to improve.

We at the McGuire Programme feel that giving back our humble knowledge can give hope and focus to our new students in need. Not only does the programme develop the learning and coping skills of its members but also widens and strengthen their social network.


Best wishes,


Rana & Abdullah

RDs of MENA Region