Empowering People!

Dubai 09.09.2017 / Together We Rise! 

The best gift is the gift of empowering people to use the resources they have to solve their own problems, is to teach them how to accept and love themselves as they are, and yet be able to face the world and pursue their dreams. This is exactly what we do in the McGuire Programme. 


On Wednesday September 6th, 2017, a new group of motivated people with stuttering showed up to the 10th McGuire Intensive Course in the MENA region. They had one common goal, a dream in which they can control their stammer and be able to communicate with others in a clear understandable way. 


On the following three days, the new students showed great courage and commitment when learning the new techniques. They were encouraged and supported by the returning grads and coaches who always keep coming back to courses, committed to improving their speech and helping others.


This course was instructed by the stunning Sharon Gavillet, who never let us down when it comes to instructing a course, supporting our grads or simply advising us how to deal with different situations. So, thank you Sharon.


Special thanks also goes to the great team, Joe O'Donnell, Eddie Speirs, Ger Greene and Bridget Ryan, who flew all the way from Ireland loaded with years and years of experience. It was a great pleasure having you in our course. Thank you.


This course was special as we held the 2nd McGuire Staff Training in the MENA region. The Staff Training was led by Sharon Gavillet with the support of the Irish coaches and staff trainers. By having more Arab coaches we are getting one step closer to starting The McGuire Courses in Arabic. 


We are committed to growing the McGuire program in the region by strengthening our grads, preparing them to become coaches themselves to help and support each other as well as to extend the required support to the future members.


Together we rise!


 Special thanks and gratitude goes to Dave McGuire for founding this program which brought us all together. 


Best wishes, 

Rana & Abdullah 

RDs of MENA Region