A Good Start!

The McGuire Programme MENA had a great start for the year 2018, with the addition of 13 new members.


On Wednesday January 17th 2018, the 11th McGuire MENA course commenced in Dubai, by watching 13 brave new students face their fears in front of the camera by answering a few questions.


The following 3 days passed fast, witnessing the change not only on the new students’ way of speaking but also in the way they think and perceive themselves. In the McGuire programme, we do not only deal with the physical aspect of stuttering, we go beyond that to reach their souls and minds. We encourage them to accept themselves and their stuttering but yet keep working hard to overcome it.


Finally, on Saturday January 20th, all the new students and returning grads successfully completed the challenge to speak to 100 strangers at City Walk 2, Dubai. Not only that, thereafter, the new students delivered their first public speaking challenge on the McGuire Stage in front of the passing audience.


The course was instructed by the amazing Clairmarie McGrath who flew all the way from Ireland to be part of this successful McGuire course, thank you Clairmarie. Special thanks also goes to Ashly Guerin, Christophe Deputies and Shiama Balendra, for their support and contribution in instilling positive change to our students.


A very special appreciation goes to our fabulous MENA coaches and grads. You showed great discipline and support to the new students. Thank you from deep inside, we are so proud of you.


Special gratitude goes to Dave McGuire the founder of this life changing program.  


Best wishes, 

Rana & Abdullah