Where Hope and Transformation Begins!

The McGuire Programme MENA new students and mamebers after Public Speaking Challenge, April 2017 / Dubai. 


At 06:00pm on April 5th 2017 a new McGuire journey started with the presence of around 40 returning grads. On that evening, new students took the courage to sit in front of the camera to answer basic questions which was the first step in their transformational journey.   


This course was the 9th McGuire course in MENA region and by far the most diverse course with an interesting mix of backgrounds. There were people from Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Ireland, UK, Germany and France. Different people who were sharing only one thing; stuttering.


We were all working together to control our speech and to support the new students during their first few days in the program.


It is always amazing how three and a half days can result in a drastic change in people; three and a half days of extensive training, three and a half days of hard work, commitment and discipline. The McGuire program beyond stuttering does not only change our way of speaking, it goes way beyond that to change our mentalities and even personalities.


 “I never knew that I have sense of humor. I always believed that I am a quiet and shy guy who rarely speaks in front of people. But now, I am the funniest person among my friends, they enjoy listening to me and guess what? They miss my presence if I don’t attend their gatherings.’’

                                 -  A grad stated this with joy and pride


On Saturday evening, eleven new students left the room with strength and joy. They gained their voices back, made new friends and started to dream.


When it comes to the McGuire program, it’s all about Wednesday evenings; where hope and transformation begins!


Big thanks to Sharon Gavillet for instructing the course. To Emmet O’connell, Trevor Tromans, Mary Moorehead and Christophe Dupuis for helping in coaching and guiding the new students.


Special thanks to all MENA grads, without them these courses would’ve never happen.


A special gratitude goes to Dave McGuire, the founder of this amazing life changing program.




Rana & Abdullah