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To Help You Go Beyond Stuttering.

-El Programa McGuire va más allá de superar la tartamudez-

Es un enfoque único integral para las personas que tartamudean. Siendo nuestros cursos intensivos de 4 días el punto de partida de un proceso de superación permanente.

El único programa de Tartamudez con presencia global en más de 25 países; conformado solamente por personas que tartamudean: nunca será lo mismo para quienes lo vivimos.

Juntos somos más fuertes.

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Upcoming Events

Intensive Course December 2, 2021 to December 5, 2021
Latin America Curso Intensivo 100% virtual

We work with people who stutter, not simply with their speech behaviours. Our approach is not just about learning physical techniques that deal effectively in the short term with dysfluencies. We identify and teach the mechanics and dynamics of speaking.

Through techniques of concentration, assertiveness and non-avoidance, the McGuire Programme helps tackle the many fears of speaking experienced by people who stammer.

With your hard work, courage and perseverance, and our support, speaking can becomes fun. Like with most of us, you can start realizing your personal and professional potential. Apply Now

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