¡Viva México! Torreón, Coahuila - Intensive Course

This was the 8th course in Mexico - LatinAmerica Region.

Intensive Course Report: Alfredo Gonzalez

Region: Latinoamerica-Spain

Location: , Torreón, México

Date: 21 to 24 October 2015.

The course instructor: Alfredo González (Latin America RD)

Number of new students (n/s): 5


We started on Wednesday, October 21th, acknowledging the courage and valor that is required for all new students to confront stuttering.

It is fascinating how we learn to hide stuttering, poor eye contact, hands and feet crossed, evidence of anxiety, examples of tricks and avoidance mechanisms.


In the McGuire Programme we fight against our stutter and our goal is to be free, honest and proud of ourselves.


Another great example of how thourg this intensive 45 hours course filled with discipline, commitment and proper directions enables 3 day results! (UNBELIEVABLE!!!)


Congratulations to the new graduates. Welcome to the world’s largest community of people controlling stuttering!



Keep in touch, use the international Skype and phone list, keep honest and keep brave. Our stuttering has had control over us for too long and it knows our weaknesses, the secret is continuity and persistence.


 Thank you Dave for this Programme and congratulations to the other 2 intensive courses that began October 21th!


Alfredo Gonzalez

DR Latin America - Spain