2° Intensive Course - Guadalajara, México.

After 4 days of courage, hard work and perseverance the results where life-changing!

Intensive Course Report: Alfredo Gonzalez

Region: Latin America - Spain

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico.

Date:  October 18th to 21 th, 2015.

The course instructor: Alfredo González (Latin America RD)

Number of new students (n/e): 4


2° McGuire course in Guadalajara.

4 new students; men – 3 covert / 1 overt.  Ages from 21 to 41 years.

We started on Wednesday, November 18th at 7 pm sharp.

2 graduates provided great support and expertise for the new students of this course; Ivan Ramon and Javier Fernandez. Thank you for your support and commitment to yourselves and the NS.


The Skype call session with Dave was held Saturday at 9 am. The NS were very happy to meet the McGuire founder.


Many tears of joy during the farewell session, another great example of the strong sense of brotherhood and solidarity after an intensive course. Again all participants of the course (NE and graduates) signed the back of the McGuire official articles (having collected more than 6 group signatures!).


Congratulations to the new graduates. Welcome to the world largest community of people defeating stuttering!

Congratulations to Ivan Ramon, who is now the Area Coordinator of Guadalajara;  leader and guide for the 7 McGuire graduates in this beautiful city!


Thank you Dave, for this wonderful Programme, for the great results this Programme offers to PWS, to achieve an honorable experience after a course and a real possibility of transcending stuttering!


Alfredo Gonzalez

DR Latin America - Spain