Controlling their stutter in Merida, Mexico

control tartamudez en Mérida

The white city had the presence of 6 new brave students that decided to start the process of taking control of their speech, only one lived in Merida, the others 5 travelled from Valladolid, Guatemala, Chetumal, Ciudad del Carmen and Cancun.

There were 4 men and 2 women, 2 of them children which age range was from 7 to 9 years, they went accompanied by their parents. The ages of the other 4 students were between 17 and 40 years. The students had two types of stutter, covert and overt.

The sessions took place on the Hotel Gobernador on Wednesday the 22nd, 2017, as usual, they gave a few welcome words and some information was given about a stutter. The 6 new students presented themselves, gave their names and addresses. At the end, the graduates, Ali Montero, Alondra Tzeck and Gregorio Sauri gave their testimonies, Lilia Uc supported the activities of the intensive course alongside her fellow graduates. All of them live in the city of Merida. The course lasted 4 days, coming to an end on Satuday the 25th, 2017.

On Thursday, the “Why?” of the stutter was presented, the new students started Playing to Win to reach their only objective, taking control of their stammer.

On Friday, the students were able to control their stutter, they felt very excited for being able to express what they always wanted to say.

On Saturday they went out into the real world, showing themselves just how they are: People who are working hard to control their stutter!

The last day was a challenge. We went out to the streets of Merida to share who we are and what we do!

A great crowd on the big plaza in Merida, witnessed how we’re able to communicate with effectiveness, honesty and determination. After three days of hard work and perseverance were reflected, in the happiness of the new students who are now graduates.

The students gave their final speeches in front of their families, which was filled with tears of joy, having just one objective, continue on the constant struggle to keep the acquired changes and go “Beyond Stuttering”.

Congratulations to the new graduates of the McGuire Programme, this is only the beginning. May strength, perseverance and discipline keep your process firm and constant to become eloquent speakers, while you take a breath of fresh air.

Thanks to Dave McGuire for this wonderful programme and everyone who make part of it!


Joaquín A. Becerra

Recent Graduate

Merida 22.Nov.2017




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