Intensive Course Report - Cali, Colombia March 30th'2016

Intensive Course Report: Alfredo Gonzalez

Region: LatinAmerica-Spain

Location: Cali, Colombia.

Date: 30 March - 02 April 2016.

Course Instructor: Alfredo González (Latin America RD)

Number of new students (n/s): 4




In this course Juan José Becerra was the only graduate who helped and taught the 4 new students what he has learned in his road towards eloquence. (Thanks to his Parent for their support!)


The first course in Cali, Colombia - Santiago de Cali.


Friday was a special day where hard work, courage and commitment held the group great satisfactions!


4 new members to the McGuire Programme!


Despite several difficulties this first course in Cali was a success! Fills me with satisfaction to witness and participate in real life transformations after only 3 days. I congratulate the new students for their courage, hard work and perseverance during the course. The fruits and future successes is in your hands, you have received the tools, the practice, but most importantly; a global community of continues support! Maintain united, honest, strong and keep moving forward!


Thanks to Dave McGuire, thanks to McGuire community in Colombia, thanks to the McGuire community in Latin America and worldwide. We all are McGuire.




Alfredo Gonzalez

DR Latin America - Spain