McGuire arrives to Columbia! First course in Bogotá!

7 new brave warriors stood against their stutter!

McGuire arrives to Columbia! First course in Bogotá!

7 new students;  all men – 3 overt / 3 covert. Ages from 12 to 35.

We started on Wednesday, September 23rd at 7 pm. The room was filled with mixed emotions and much nervousness.

2 graduates provided great support to achieve the results obtained in the course; Jorge Garza, all the way from Mexico and Juan Jose Becerra form Cali, Colombia. Thanks a lot for the great examples and their hard work of helping new students understand and defeat their stuttering.

It has been an incredible experience. Congratulations to the new graduates. Welcome to the world largest community of people overcoming stuttering!


Enjoy your journey, it is rather challenging and at times it can be daunting; understand that the path of freedom is not the same as perfection. Be honest, courageous and willing to fight. Relay on the unique support system; coaches, support sessions, intensive courses... etc.

Thank you Dave, for this wonderful program and by maintaining the standards of quality and excellence!



Alfredo Gonzalez

DR Latin America - Spain