Overcoming Their Stutter In Chile!

On July 4th, the course in Santiago, Chile started, welcoming 18 new students, 15 men and 3 women, going from 16 to 40 years old. Most of them were overt stutterers. On Wednesday, the introduction of the course began, during the interviews there were a lot of doubts, questions and expectations from the new students; some of them didn't know what to expect, they were only there, ready to face and live the moment.

The days went by and the new students remained surprised and too excited due to the result of all their hard work, disposed to continue and follow every given instruction.

For the course closure we had to change rooms since the room we were in was too small for all the family members and friends who attended, from both, the new students and graduates. The Friends & Family Session was held by Rodrigo Delgado and Hector Palomino, the closing was very emotional just like the other days. The new graduates and graduates went on to give their Final Speeches, giving messages and advice to the new ones and giving thanks for sharing the course with each one of them.

This course was filled with amazing events, really a miracle that each one of us are able to be in this place. Huge thanks to Alfredo Gonzalez for the trust and opportunity, I thank myself for being able to travel and be present in this course, to Ivan Ramon who also travelled from Guadalajara to support and keep being an example to a lot of us, I thank every single one of the graduates who attended to reinforce and to support in this beginning of the road to 18 new students, I thank each graduate and each family who received calls on Friday, who invested time to be present in each one of our processes, and as always thanks to Dave for giving us this wonderful method to achieve a control and always go "Beyond Stuttering".


Lilia Uc Santana