Second Fantastic Course in Argentina!

Beyond Stuttering in Latin America.


Cordoba received us with great hopes for the 2nd intensive course in Argentina. We had the support of Dalma Álvarez (first course Feb'16), thank you for your experience, enthusiasm, joy and hard work!

We started on Thursday and finished the course on Sunday, for the first time being adjusted the days for this course. Friday and Monday were Argentinian holidays.

4 new members to the McGuire Programme!


It was certainly a fantastic course, great results and much courage!


Congratulations to the new graduates of the McGuire Programme, enjoy your journey. Recognize the moments of difficulty and face them bravely. Remember: PLAY TO WIN!

I'm happy for the changes in all of you. Keep strong, honest and as a team. Rely on the global support community, return to intensive courses.


Thanks to Dave Mcguire, thanks to McGuire in Latin America and McGuire world wide! We are all McGuire!




Alfredo Gonzalez

DR Latin America - Spain