Stutter under control in Torreon, Mexico

People who stutter gather courage in the intensive course in Torreon to take control of their stutter.

The day of the first intensive course of the year for Torreon finally arrived, with 2 new students; minors, accompanied by their family.

We had the wonderful presence of 3 graduates, 1 from Austin, Texas who travelled 19 hours back and forth to be in the course, 1 from Chihuahua who also travelled to help and support the new students and 1 from Torreon; the 3 of them always remained helpful and working hard to give the best example and encourage the new students.

The room was always filled with motivation, hard work and enthusiasm from everyone since the start up to the culmination of the course; when they went out to the streets of Torreon to do make the Public Speeches challenge they took all the motivation and enthusiasm with them to demonstrate that working hard always pays off.

¡Congratulations and welcome to this great international family!

Thank you to Dave McGuire for sharing all his knowledge with us.

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