Taking Control of Their Stutter in 3 Days!

Another intensive course took place in the city of Torreon, Coahuila in Mexico on May 16. People who stutter came together to tackle the stuttering barrier and take control of their speech.


We had 3 new students and we were graced by the presence of 4 graduates who were beside the new students helping and supporting them, in addition to strengthen their speech. Three of them travelled, one from Monterrey, one from Tampico and one from Durango to take the course that would change their lives.


During the 3 days of the course there was a great amount of enthusiasm and a lot of hard work from everyone who attended, you could feel in the environment the will to keep moving forward and excel.


The moment of the Public Speech Challenge arrived, they went to Torreon's downtown to give their testimonies to the strangers who were passing by and stopped to listen the great experience that this course had left on them, as well as the great road they were already on to go #BeyondStuttering


Congratulations for taking this important decision and for having so much courage!