Tartamudez Jorge Garza Torreón
Jorge Garza
Torreón, México

First Course:
September 2013

My stutter started when I was 5 years old, I really don't remember much but my parents tell me that it was when I was in 1st grade of Primary School due to a teacher that pressured me a lot. What I do remember is that I started to become aware of my stuttering when they started taking me to a psychologist, since I didn't like going it was when I noticed that I had something different, and that's when my journey with stuttering began.

The situation I remember most where I felt a lot of shame was in High School; I was in a school play where I had a part with few words, when it was time for me to talk I got stuck, everyone started laughing instantly and I couldn't get a word out, in that moment I understood how hard this condition was going to be.

I received every kind of help, I went with psychologists, psychiatrist, speech therapists and I tried several alternative therapies.

My stutter made me feel really bad, my self esteem was always on the floor, with feelings of self hate, I didn't love myself in any way.

I found out about the McGuire Programme thanks to my dad. My first course was on September 2013, before going I felt very scared, since I didn't understand well what I was going for and I had to travel from my hometown; Torreon, to Mexico City.

During the course, the truth is that it was really complex, since the idea of having to expose myself was hard and that was very uncomfortable for me, but after a while, when I started to see results, it was easier for me to understand that this was the way and it was what I always looked for in my life. After my course, truth is that it's been such a freedom in so many ways; I had my first radio interview after three weeks since my first course, and since then it's been constant learning but the only reality is that I've achieved doing things I never thought possible, and all that is thanks to the McGuire Programme.

After going out of my first course, I made the commitment to make revelations at every moment, follow my technique and transform my fears into strengths, like going to interviews, besides practicing and collaborating with the programme.

Now I have such a different perspective. I see life in another way, I transform my challenging situations into objectives.

To someone who stutters I would recommend that you do not lose hope, that controlling a stutter is a reality and we can accomplish all our dreams.