Supera la tartamudez
Julián Ortiz Skidelsky
Paraná, Argentina

First Course:
June 2016

My stutter began when I was 5 years old. If I had to mention a complicated or embarrassing situation, it would be reading a book out loud in my school.

Before the McGuire Programme, I went with more than three speech therapists and a psychologist, although they didn’t help me much to treat my stutter.

It made me feel like I was the only person in the world that had a stutter, I felt unique. I figured it out talking with a group of friends, that I started to get stuck when speaking.

My first course was June 16th, 2016, I felt very anxious and at the same time a bit nervous, being that I didn’t know how this course was going to be.

During the course I felt very strong and decided, more confident in my speech. After the course I felt like a happier person, more free, my life changed completely after it.

At the end of the course I committed to use deliberate dysfluency outside a lot and, at home, practice a lot with some graduates and my coach.

I face challenging situations very seriously, using one or more physical and psychological tools that the programme taught me.

To the people who stutter I want to say that, don’t be afraid, you can express yourselves freely with your speech.


Julian Ortiz Skidelsky