Another course, another dreamers...

At 06:00pm on July 31st, 2019; a new McGuire journey started with 7 new students taking the courage to sit in front of the camera to answer few basic questions which was the first step in their transformational journey.   


This was the 14th McGuire course in MENA region and the 2nd to be conducted in Arabic language. Building the foundation of the Arabic courses was challenging yet enjoyable mission. Challenging because of the lack of Arabic coaches and enjoyable when seeing the new students absorbing the information with ease and the grads enjoying expressing their emotions in their first language.  


In the McGuire program, no matter what language we speak and which background we come from and we share the same goal, we share the same dream which is speaking without restriction. 


The course was instructed in by our amazing MENA course instructor, Abdullah Bin Buyajan who never fails in delivering the information and controlling the scene. 


As we always say, the McGuire program is not only a speech program, it is a holistic approach aiming to bring the best out of the person and making people realize their great potentials in life. 


I heard about the McGuire 3 years ago but could not join because of the language barrier and I was hoping to one day find Arabic courses. Now I can say it was worth the wait, worth the effort and worth the money


A new student commented after the course..


On Saturday evening, six new students left the program with smiles and satisfaction. They gained their voices back, made new friends and started to dream.


Special big thanks to all MENA coaches and grads, without them these courses would’ve never happen. 


A special gratitude goes to Dave McGuire, the founder of this amazing life changing program. 


Best Wishes..