Beyond Stuttering in Control - Wellington, New Zealand

stuttering not a cure - new zealand

The start of 2019 for the McGuire Programme in Australia and New Zealand was a major success.

Our first course of the year, was held in the capital city of New Zealand – Wellington. Beautiful buildings, plazas, beaches and scenery all made the course extra noteworthy – especially once it was time for outdoor sessions and contacts.


The course produced three new graduates to the region, two locals from New Zealand, and one from across the pond - Sydney, Australia. Around 30 returning graduates came along, with a good mix of various levels of experience, with a significant number of instructors and coaches.

We once again held staff training (aka leadership training), where two more certified primary coaches were undergoing comprehensive studies to become official McGuire Programme Coaches and have the ability to give back, by coaching others and helping them in their journey towards eloquence and self-actualisation.


The Wellington Intensive course as always delivered training on the McGuire Technique – which is used to control out of control stuttering (stammering) through the use of correct breathing practises as well as an instruction set on how to speak with eloquence and control. Further training of various speech / sound control techniques were covered and drilled throughout the days to give everyone a wholesome physical toolkit to take into the real world.

We were also very lucky to have “The Project NZ” on channel 3 come and follow the journey of some of our new graduates as well as returning ones, capturing everything that happens on the course, and the immense growth our participants undergo. The segment will air soon, so keep an eye out if you live in NZ – for everyone else, keep an eye out on out on our McGuire Programme ANZ Facebook Page for a link to the video.


The McGuire Programme is a holistic approach to the treatment of stuttering, and after every intensive course, as well as during the support groups, one day courses and one on one coaching – our graduates come out with skills and experience to tackle anything life can throw out them and have the ability to maintain control of their speech. The McGuire programme does not simply chase “fluency”, but fluent speech is achieved by all graduates following the training regime of the programme, by going beyond the need to just “sound normal”, but instead reach a new level – where speech is used for fun as well as a very valuable tool, that of effective communications, which sees our graduates get the jobs they want, interact with the people they like and live their life without the STUTTER weight constantly hovering and influencing every decision they make.


If you would like to attend a McGuire Programme – Beyond Stuttering Intensive Courses in Australia or New Zealand – check out our schedule via the link below.