The worlds go to place for people wanting to do something about their stutter brings members together from 19 countries.

The McGuire Programme  - Beyond Stuttering holds first international support group with 50+ participants via Zoom.

We were thrilled to have over 50 participants from 19 countries participate in our first large international Zoom support session. 

Stutterers working hard to conquer their stutter and become eloquent speakers came together from Europe, UK, South Africa, Middle East countries, Pakistan, India, Russia  and many other countries.  While we all know there is no cure for stuttering all participants joined in a video call that they would never have dreamed of joining before joining the McGuire Programme, in fact most would have been very happy to self -isolate and not speak to anyone.  Instead they seek out the many Zoom and Skype sessions going on around the world for members of this unique international programme.  There are lots more international onlne events lined up for all our members.