Beyond Stuttering - Whats Possible

An insight into what's possible when you confront your stutter.

Stuttering whats possible

For many people who stutter or stammer, from simple everyday activities to going for your dream job can seem impossible.   

Stuttering and stammering out of control can destroy a person's confidence and prevent them from showing who they really are and achieving their dreams.

We asked our members of The McGuire Programme to share what's possible now that they have confronted their stutter or stammer and are working to become articulate eloquent speakers.  We had responses from  27 countries and over 20 languages which shows just how we have become the world's go-to place for people who want to overcome their stutter/stammer.  

This series consists of 20 episodes, each one consists of a short "What's Possible " quote from some of our members, and they are in no particular order.  Enjoy :-)