Brave Warriors Overcoming Their Stutter in Mexico City

On Wednesday the 26th of September we held another intensive course in Mexico City, we had 8 new brave students, decided to work hard to take control of their stutter. The ages went from 14 to 33 years, with an overt and covert stutter, in this course all the attendees were men. They all had high expectations and with one last hope, some of them confused and some of them decided.

On Thursday we started working hard. The new students had a lot of doubts about everything that they were doing and learning, each second that passed was a positive change they had.

On Friday we kept on going with the psychological part of a stutter, so they could start understanding that to be able to have a true control we need to take on the physical and the psychological part together.

The big day arrived! Saturday was a really fun, special, touching day, and filled with mixed feelings. Time came for the new students to face their own fears, and to change negative beliefs into positive ones in a responsible way. Public Speeches, as everything else, were very emotional, demonstrating assertiveness and freedom while speaking. We came back to the room to continue practicing and wait for the Family & Friends Session, graduates carried out this talk full of joy but above all, freedom and eloquence. We had the opportunity that parents, brothers and couples went to the front of the room to say a few words and it was very emotional!

I greatly appreciate Alfredo for the confidence he had in letting me teach the course almost completely, thank you to the graduates who attended to keep learning, but above all to teach and be part of the process of this new warriors, to the graduates who took on the calls, let's remember that we can support each other by distance and be an example of motivation. I thank the new graduates for the trust, their words and for teaching me that there's always a last hope that transforms into a new life, but above all, thank you to Dave McGuire, without him none of this could be possible.

Lilia Uc Santana